1. Delivery is social
  2. Voice
  3. Posture & Gesture
  4. Use the social to move one another forward

Warmup I Vocal Fry

Try doing this together. Use this script or one you make up and insert as much "vocal fry" as you can muster.

A: Hey. So, we're working on our project. It's about kids and museums.
B: As if they go together.
A: I know. What are they thinking?
B: Do you have to like go to a museum?

Warmup II Uptalk

Try out different ways of responding to the host of Jeopardy.

ALEX: Although it burned in 1851, the library of this third president of the US has recently been reassembled.

Contestant: Who is Thomas Jefferson?


Read this script with excess uptalk together

When kids go to a museum they like to touch stuff but that's exactly what they are not allowed to do.
This greatly inhibits the educational potential of a museum visit.
We have a solution.

Deliver the following lines in the worst uptalk you can muster.

  1. "I'm a student in the Academy."
  2. Good afternoon. I'm fname lname. And today, I'm here, to talk to you about noun.
  3. When we were giving our presentation, everything that could go wrong, did go wrong. I thought we were going to freak. But we did OK.
  4. I saw this movie last week called "The November Man." It was OK, but I don't know if I'd recommend it.

Now let's practice them with a decided "downtalk" falling tone.


Posture: practice several stances while you say an alphabet speech.

  1. Feet firmly planted shoulder width with hips forward and hands at side.
  2. Switch hands to steeple
  3. Try a more "model" stance

Eyes: practice moving across room looking at different people for 5-8 seconds while you say an alphabet speech ("A is for apple, but B is not, it's for Bear." etc.)

Hands & Arms: practice gestures - steeple, point at palm, palms up, palms down, package, open palm point, count one hand, count two hands, raised index "but wait", upward hand role presentation, downward hand sweep away.

"Good afternoon everyone. I'm X. Today I'd like to tell you about something that can change your life: learning to listen."
steeple one hand point steeple two hand beats one hand O.K.


"So how does it work?" (steeple)
"A good talk has one core idea" (package)
"And the structure of the talk is that (two guns)
we tell them what we are going to tell them, (one right)
we tell them, (two middle)
and then we tell them what we told them." (three left)
And that works. (palms up and out)

Sample Texts

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Good afternoon. I'm X Y and I'm here today to talk to you about Z.

Have you ever [common experience] and found that [common frustration]?