1. Autofill (values and formulae), use of relative and absolute cell references in formulae for autofill
  2. Formatting. Alignment, font, borders and fill, number format, decimal places, conditional formatting.
  3. Workspace control. Row and column width, merging cells, hiding columns, split panes, wrapping text, inserting newline in cell, text
  4. Rename, move, copy worksheets.
  5. if() function
  6. Power use of sort and find/replace
  7. Name a cell or cell range
  8. Create a percentage table from a data count table.
  9. Use frequency() to convert list of data values into histogram
  10. rand()
  11. Pivot tables
    • Create one, two and multidimensional.
    • Select different value field settings.
    • Convert to text appropriate table.
    • How to use pivot table to clean data.
  12. Basic descriptive statistics with sum(), average(), mode(), median(), stddev(), frequency(), correl() functions.
  13. Simple data range to column, bar, pie, scatter. Label and format axes, chart titles, legends, gridlines.
    • Add, remove, edit data series. Format data series (change line, point styles, add/customize labels)
    • Add/remove/format/label trendlines
  14. Manipulate strings with text functions (e.g., left(), right(), mid(), find(), substitute(), text())
  15. De-junkify charts.
  16. Copy charts to Word. Remove borders, select colors for greyscale reproduction.
  17. Copy charts to PowerPoint.
  18. data table
  19. array functions (e.g., sumproduct, mmult)
  20. data lookup functions (e.g., vlookup)
  21. solver
  22. Add controls for interaction (sliders, spinners, etc.) to a worksheet