1 May First Motor Test

  • Worked out how to attach sled to base: slide rods out of sled end, position sled over base (bearings are on the base), slide rods back in threading them through bearings and then seat them in holes at other end of sled.
  • Attached bearings for drive belt to base unit interior partition using plastic standoff posts glued into holes in partition. Tested attaching with washer and screw on outside on one of the two. Friction fit of bearing on the post seems strong enough not to require this screw attachment.
  • Belt attached to ends of sled with hot glue.
  • Connected motor using Seeeds Motor Shield. Simple sketch drives 10 clicks CW and then 10 CCW but seems like motor goes in same direction sometimes rather than switching. Could be miswiring of stepper motor.
  • Tested same set up at home with 28BYJ-48 motor (for which I had proper wiring order) and it seemed to work fine. TEST: is it the belt set up or motor control?